My goal is to create content specifically for entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses in the most effective way 🤗

Hi, I’m Roy Selbach 👋
I am from The Netherlands and currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. 

✅ Large enterprise knowledge
✅ 10+ years of digital experience
✅ Spent over $3.5 MIL USD+ on advertisement
✅ Ran a 25+ people digital agency
✅ Ran a 50+ people productized design agency
✅ Sold my company within only 3 years
✅ Bootstrapped towards $1 MIL ARR
✅ MSc, MBA & Bcom.

Some of the 100s of companies I helped through my services

Small background story ☀️

People call me a brand & marketing expert with around 10+ years of experience in digital marketing and design, I have worked for several large corporations such as; Vistaprint and Malaysia Airlines. In total, I spent more than $3.5+ MIL on advertisement campaigns.

I have worked with tons of international enterprise clients and hundreds of small/medium companies, helping them create strong brands with effective advertisement campaigns that skyrocketed their results. Some of the companies that I helped were: TikTok, WeTV Tencent, UnionBank, JinkoSolar, Systemiq, Wonderlic, KakoaTalk, and many other prestigious companies.

I have founded EOI Digital, a result-driven 360 degrees digital agency with 25+ employees, and bootstrapped this from 0 to 100+ clients in less than 1.5 years. After merging the agency, I started an unlimited creative design service and managed to grew this concept to around $1 MIL ARR. After which I made an exit and sold the company.

In the past, I studied quite a lot and have completed several university degrees around the world. I have a Master of Science in Strategic Communication from the University of Antwerp, a Master of Chinese Business & Languages from the Beijing Technology & Business University, and a Bachelor of Communication & Multimedia from the University of Antwerp.

Let’s get personal!
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Some work that I am proud of 🦄

Some real-world questions 🌎


What motivates me in my career?

I always enjoy personal growth in the widest aspect possible. This means overcoming challenges that others might see as an obstacle. Life is a continous learning path.


What is my biggest regret?

I have started a lot of “ghosts projects”, before I started my own business. When I was fully focused on growing my business, I felt like I was going too broad. Niche is key.


What am I most proud of?

From living a dull life in the Netherlands, moving out in the big world and starting something myself to achieve freedom in terms how I would like to spend my time.


What do I do to destress?

Stress is just part of the game. I love to go for a swim, lift some weights in the gym and playing any kind of competitive games, whether that’s a board game or a video game.


What makes me happy?

Helping others with growing their business when I am working. And in my private hours, spending some quality time with my beautiful wife and hang out with my close friends.


What is my purpose in life?

“Money comes and money goes”. So we better make sure to live life to the fullest. In the end I want to build a suistainable future for myself, my family and the generations to come.

Why I do what I do 💖

I am simply doing it because I love what I do! As a true bootstrapper, I always had an eye for getting the best results with a minimum budget. I have helped hundreds of businesses with their digital marketing efforts and consulted them along the way. Seeing a business flourish, because you support them has given you a true purpose in life.

And what’s a better way to do it, than providing direct value to my community?