Hi there! Let me introduce myself…

So… my name is Roy from the Netherlands, as you most probably know. But let me tell you something what you might not know. In the last 7 years I’ve gained various digital marketing skills when I started to work for small & large-scale companies in a wide asset of B2B & B2C industries. And all of this in more than 5 different countries!

From starting as a newbie Graphical Designer at Malaysia Airlines to eventually become a big-shot Digital Transformation Consultant at a international real estate firm. Climbing the ladder, is what they call it. But the path to happiness can be taken by many roads… So yeah, I decided to pack my bags (of extensive digital knowledge) and moved to the paradise Island of Bali and started for myself, remotely. Which made me a much happier person and scientifically spoken; more productive.

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I've also launched two new companies! Check out EOI Digital and DotYeti.

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Crafted by interest
and shaped by experience


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Say goodbye to high fancy, overpriced, overrated digital agencies who are just after your money and don’t care about growing your business. And say hello to a real human who actually cares and ofcourse for a decent Balinese price.

Top-notch digital knowledge from large-scale companies
Multi-skilled digital marketing Brainiac
Humanlike way of doing business, as it should
Cut down on paying to expensive digital agencies

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Effective Results


Industry: Food & Beverage

Results after 3 months

Return of investment: 3.123%
Click through rate: 27,43%
Conversion rate: 10.2%
Reservations: +132 pm

Industry: Aviation

Results after 2 months

Click to open rate 10,3%
Openrate: 32,43%
Conversion rate: 4.2%
Subscribers pm: +2.321

Industry: Printing

Results after 3 months

Return of investment: 2.853%
Click through rate: 4,64%
Conversion rate: 12.8%
Engagement rate: 4.9%

Industry: Real Estate

Results after 2.5 months

Website traffic: +13.231
Followers: +4.326
Engagement rate: 3.8%
Total % of company revenue: 32.8%

Industry: Fashion/Apparel

Results after 4 months

Organic Website %: 65%
Organic Conversionrate: 10.5%
Clickthrough rate: 13.6%


Highlighted Testimonials

  • "Roy is an enthusiastic, creative and passionate adventurer.
    Ambition and curiosity move him beyond the beaten paths."

    Roy wants to explore, push limits, move beyond the edges; a man in motion! We've learned a lot from his knowledge and expertise in the field of social media and customer loyalty. But those who really enjoyed Roy's contribution must have been the customers; he personally expressed the culture and methods of publicly on the social streams of the world wide web. Roy is living his dreams, just as he should! Spread your wings dude, thanks for the great time!
    Marco Aarnink
    Founder of
  • “Roy is a passionate, energetic and determined young man.
    He is very goal oriented and is streetsmart.”
    Serena Ho
    Senior Vice President at Malaysia Airlines
  • "I met Roy in Antwerp, and he has left quite the impression."

    A smart individual who builds websites, corporate identities and revenue models from scratch like it's nothing.
    He is passionate, driven and goal oriented. Thanks for the friendship and continue to move mountains!
    Valentijn Berends
    Sr. Business Analyst at Polaris
  • "Roy is a very social, outgoing colleague, with a lot of energy and creativity. He knows how to manage things well and he demonstrates a lot of commitment."
    Joantien Zijlstra
    Sr. Editor-in-chief at Het Parool Newspaper